Commercial version:

to start using this tools you need few things:

1- NodeXL Pro version (purchase from here)

2- Instagram Access token (From our plugin)

3- InstaSearcher Node XL Plugin for Instagram.

– Pro Version (Pricing)


How To Install InstaSearcher plugin:

1- install and activate NodeXL.

2- Run “NodeXL Excel Template” from start menu.

3- Select NodeXL Pro > Import > Import Option


4- locate your extracted¬† Folder (sent you by email) of “InstaSearcher Plugin” and restart NodeXL.


5- Now you can see InstaSearcher Menu in Import menu.


6- Click on the menu and Activate your plugin (How to?)

7- Click on “Apply for your own Instagram Access Token” and login to your Instagram account.





8- Enter Access Token to your Application.

9- Enter your Hashtag and click Search. your data will be imported automatically.

a4Note: if you need more than 2000 records, you can buy a commercial version or send a student request.


Buy Request:

To Achieve this tools Email your request by your official email (for academic and enterprise use ) to aynehband[at]gmail[dot]com for more details.

We have a few free licenses for academic organization.

We will send you download link by email.

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