1- How many i can activate our application?

Answers: it’s based on your license type: one for student license, two for non-benefit licenses.


2- Can I change my computer with new activation code?

Yes, want it from support department.


3-How To Install Plugin?

See this link


4- How to Activate my plugin?

See Here


5- I have error with code 429, What means?


Error 429 shows you reached data achievment limitation by instagram.Global Rate Limits for Client Status Rate Limit of Live state is 5000 / hour.Global rate limits are applied inclusive of all API calls made by an app per access token over the one-hour sliding window, regardless of the particular endpoint. Rate limits also apply to invalid or malformed requests. You must wait one hour and start again.


6- I have error with code 404, What means?


That means your hashtag has no results.


7- I have error with time out message, What means?


As you directrly connect to the instagram network by your compputer, when you see the time out error message, that mean you need stronger internet infrustructure. you can use VPS that placed on sufficent bandwitdh provideing network.


8- Some times when i want to start new search, i got some errors. How can i resolve it?
When you want to start new  search , if this error accured, you can close and open NodeXL application. There are some limitation on programming for NodeXL plugins in multi thread applications.

9-How can I download images and videos from my search results into a directory?

This document helps you. download user manual